What is the Air Canada Baggage Policy?

Are you planning to fly with Air Canada? While scheduling your journey, you must learn the baggage policy, as it allows you to make brave decisions. The airline allows passengers to carry up to three checked bags at no additional charge; however, the charge solely depends on the fare type and destination. Learn the Air Canada Baggage Policy and pack your bags accordingly, as it ensures a seamless travel experience with prominent airlines in Canada. 

What is the Air Canada Baggage Policy?

Beware of restrictions while packing your bags. The airline has streamlined its policy, helping passengers be flexible during their flight journey. Whether you want to carry gifts or your favorite leather coat, the airline has specific guidelines for both. Do not hassle, as we have covered Air Canada's carry-on and checked baggage allowances. Let’s examine the baggage guidelines closely to discover more. 

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Passengers who are unsure what to carry onboard must spare time on the Air Canada Carry-on Baggage Policy. The airline has set numerous rules, by following which you can easily take your belongings onboard with more confidence. 

  1. You can carry one standard article and the same number of personal articles onboard without paying any additional charges.
  2. The airline accepts carry-on baggage that fits under the seat or beneath the overhead cabin. 
  3. You must use bags that match the dimensions specified in the Air Canada Carry-On Baggage Size limit.
    1. For most routes, the airline asks passengers to carry bags with a maximum dimension of 55 cm X 23 cm X 40 cm (for carry-on bags) and 33 cm X 16 cm X 43 cm (for personal items).
  4. Passengers traveling with infants can carry one additional item as carry-on baggage. The airline accepts only strollers or handbags with infant belongings as additional baggage. 

Please Note

As per the Air Canada Baggage Policy, the airline does not set a weight limit. However, the total dimensions include wheels, pockets, and handles. If you exceed the size limit and your carry-on baggage does not fit under the seat or overhead cabin, you will not be allowed to carry it onboard. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

You might feel excited as the airline allows passengers to carry up to three checked bags at no additional charge, depending on destination, date of ticket purchase, loyalty program status, and fare type. Let's continue with the highlighted guidelines to learn the checked baggage allowance of Air Canada. 

  1. Passengers can carry up to three free baggage on flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, or Air Canada Express. 
  2. Eligible military personnel are not charged a fee by the airline. They can carry up to three checked bags for free; however, each checked bag must not exceed 32 kg.
    1. To qualify for free checked baggage, active and veteran military personnel must submit their military ID number. 
  3. You will need to contact the cargo team if you are carrying checked luggage with the following dimensions:
    1. Maximum weight of each checked item cross 32 kg
    2. Maximum size dimensions of 292 cm (including length, height, and width)
  4. The airline asks passengers to reach the departure airport at least 120 minutes before departure and complete the baggage check.
  5. If you want to carry more than your allotted allowance, you must contact the Air Canada baggage department and pay the applicable charges to purchase additional bags.
  6. Passengers traveling in Economy class can carry up to two checked bags for free; each bag needs to be within 23 kg in weight and 158 cm in linear dimensions. 

Does Air Canada Charge For Baggage?

Yes. Air Canada does allow free baggage allowance, but once you exceed the limit, you will need to pay baggage fees based on destination, date of ticket purchase, loyalty program status, and fare type. Let's explore Air Canada baggage fees to understand the costs of carrying extra luggage based on your fare type and destination.

Economy Class travel within Canada, the United States, Mexico, or the Caribbean

Basic or Standard fares

  • Passengers traveling with Basic or Standard fares can carry up to two bags by paying baggage fees.
  • Air Canada charges baggage fees of USD 35 for the first bag and USD 50 for the second. 

Comfort and Flex fares

  • Passengers can carry the first bag at no additional cost; however, the airline will charge USD 50 plus taxes for the second one.
  • The airline may charge additional costs depending on the time of request and mode of request.

Latitude fares

  • If you hold latitude fare, you do not need to pay Air Canada Baggage Allowance Charges for the first two bags.

For Other International Routes

Economy Basic fares and Aeroplan Standard Rewards 

You will need to pay USD 75 plus taxes for the first bag and USD 100 plus taxes for the second bag. However, the charges may vary; contact the customer service department to acquire detailed information on the Air Canada Baggage Fees. Passengers traveling with premium fares are exempt from baggage fees until they carry baggage within the allotted limits.

Please Note

If you are traveling with oversized or overweight baggage, you will need to pay more and may need to carry your item as cargo.

How To Purchase Additional Baggage At The Airport?

The airline does not restrict the number of bags you can carry on some specific routes. You can carry up to three checked bags free of charge; however, if you are willing to purchase more, you will need to follow the following steps. 

  • Reach the departure airport at least two hours before departure.
  • Head to the check-in counter.
  • Complete the baggage screening process.
  • Deposit your bag to the available agent.
  • The travel representative will check the weight and size of your bags.
  • Calculate the charges based on fare and flight type.
  • Pay the associated charges.

Please Note

You will need to pay a higher premium if you are purchasing bags at the time of departure. To save some portion of baggage fees, connect with the Air Canada team and complete the purchase ahead of time. 


The airline allows you to carry your belongings with you depending on where you are flying and the fare class you hold. You may need to pay baggage fees if you are flying with oversized and overweight bags. So, don’t waste your time surfing, connect with the customer service team to learn more about the baggage allowance of Air Canada. 

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