How do I Change My Name on Air Canada Tickets?

For a seamless boarding process, your name on the ticket must match the name on your government-issued ID. If you have misspelled your name on Air Canada tickets, you need to correct it immediately. The Air Canada name change procedure allows you to make corrections to your name without any hassle.

Air Canada permits you to make name changes or name corrections for a smooth boarding experience. If you need more information regarding the airline’s name change policy or process, read the following blog.

Can you change the passenger name on Air Canada?

Yes, you can change the flyer name on Air Canada tickets under certain conditions. With Air Canada, you can effortlessly change the name on the ticket. There are two scenarios when it comes to the name change on Air Canada.

Name correction - Air Canada allows you to correct spelling mistakes in your name up to three characters. You can make corrections in your first, middle or last name.

Name change - With the airline, you can change your name in certain circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, or legal name changes. You can’t change your name to another person. Air Canada doesn’t allow you to transfer your ticket to someone else.

Initiate the “Air Canada Ticket Name Change” process and ensure that the name on the ticket matches the one on your ID.

What changes can I make to my name?

Air Canada permits certain changes in your name so that you can fly peacefully to your destination. From name corrections to name changes, you can apply the following changes to your name.

  • Correcting spelling mistakes
  • Adding middle name
  • Changing name due to divorce or marriage
  • Converting the nickname to a full name
  • Adding the last name
  • Exchanging first name and last name

The name change on Air Canada requires relevant documents. Submit the necessary documents to change your name effortlessly.

How to change the name on Air Canada flight tickets?

To request a name change or name correction, you need to follow some simple steps. You can’t make changes to your name on the official site; you need to connect with the airline agents to modify your name. Follow the steps below to request the changes you need in your name.

  • Open the Air Canada official site.
  • Find the airline’s customer service number.
  • Dial the Air Canada name change contact number.
  • Listen to the automated IVR menu.
  • To change or correct your name, choose the required option.
  • Select the option to connect with the airline’s live agent.
  • Request a name change or name correction once the agent is on the call.
  • Tell him the changes you need.
  • Share the required documents.
  • The agent will initiate your request.
  • Pay the fee if needed.
  • Confirm the changes or corrections in your name.

Air Canada will send you the itinerary details with your updated name. Get your boarding pass easily by using all these details. Go for the “Air Canada Flight Name Change” process and correct mistakes in your name.

What is the Air Canada name change policy?

Air Canada has set some basic rules to help you with the name change process. It is necessary to go through those rules and regulations to ensure a seamless experience. Let’s take a look at the airline’s name change policy.

  • You can’t request name changes/ corrections only if you have made your booking directly through the airline.
  • As per the Air Canada name change policy, you can’t transfer your ticket to someone else.
  • You need to cancel your booking and then rebook it in the name of another passenger.
  • The airline permits you to correct up to 3 characters in your name.
  • You need to submit the supporting information and documentation to initiate the name change or correction.
  • Contact the Air Canada customer service department to change your name as per your needs.
  • If your name has legally changed, you need to submit the court documents to change your name.
  • The airline will not let you board the flight if the name on your ticket doesn’t match the one on your legal documents.

For any doubts regarding this name change policy, connect with the Air Canada travel experts. They will address all your queries. If you wish to learn about the Air Canada name change policy for travel agents, seek assistance from airline representatives. They will guide you instantly.

How much is the name change fee on Air Canada?

As mentioned, you will have to pay a specific fee to change your name on the flight ticket. The name change fee depends on various factors, such as your ticket type and the time of requesting the name change or name correction. To know the exact Air Canada name change fee, speak to the agent at the airline. Share your details and the changes you need. After that, the airline executive will assist you with the exact fee to change or correct your name.

Can I transfer my Air Canada ticket to someone else?

No, you can’t transfer your Air Canada ticket to someone else. The tickets are completely non-transferable. However, you can make minor name changes or corrections to board the flight peacefully.

To transfer your ticket to another passenger, firstly, you need to cancel your booking. After that, rebook flight tickets in the name of another passenger.

In conclusion

This is all about the name change process on Air Canada. Follow the mentioned procedure and request name changes/ corrections with ease. Ensure to go through the name change policy to avoid any hassle. For more details on the name change process, connect with the Air Canada executives. The agents will help you without any delay so you have an amazing experience when you choose to travel with Air Canada.