Air Canada Bereavement Fare Policy

Traveling is always a job that makes you resemble with happiness and pleasure. However, there are chances where you need to schedule a flight due to the grief of your loved ones. In such cases, where your heart is full of emotions, Air Canada tries to support you by offering bereavement fares. These special deals help you to cut expensive charges and last-minute hassle. 

What Is The Air Canada Bereavement Fare Policy?

If you need to travel with Air Canada due to the death of an immediate family member, you must have detailed information on the Bereavement Fare Policy. Continue with key highlights to have a thorough understanding of the policy:

  • You must make flight bookings within 10 days of the bereavement, and the return journey must be completed within 60 days.
  • Immediate family members are only eligible for Air Canada Bereavement Fares.
  • The bereavement policy applies on flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express. For specific routes, codeshare agreement flights to qualify for bereavement discounts. 
  • Passengers traveling with Economy Standard, Flex, comfort, and Latitude fares can enjoy bereavement discounts. 
  • Economy Basic fares holders are not eligible for bereavement discounts if they are traveling within North America, as per the Air Canada Bereavement Fare Policy. 
  • For specific destinations outside North America, Economy Basic fares holders are eligible for bereavement discounts.
  • The airline will not entertain a bereavement consideration request if the journey has been completed. 

Does Air Canada Have Bereavement Fares?

Yes. There's no way to compensate for your loss; however, Air Canada tries to support you during this difficult time by offering special Bereavement Fare discounts. These special offers help you get up to 10% off airfare; it may not be a lucrative offer, but having an option is never a bad idea. To get the offer, you will need to connect with the reservation department at 1-888-247-2262 or 514-393-3333. Use the number at your convenience and make a reservation to your destination with bereavement discounts. 

Who Qualifies For Bereavement Discounts?

Air Canada tries to help passengers by offering bereavement fares. These special fares also help you to beat last minute charges and allow you to reach the destination on time. The airline provides bereavement discounts to assist grieving passengers who have lost an immediate family member. The following people qualify for bereavement discounts

  1. Parents
  1. Stepparents
  1. Siblings
  1. Spouse
  1. Uncle 
  1. Half-Siblings
  1. Niece
  1. Grandparents 
  1. Aunt
  1. Children
  1. Ex Partner
  1. First In-laws
  1. Step Grandparents
  1. Nephew
  1. Step-Children

The airline may change its policy and eligibility criteria, so communicating with the customer service team is a must to gain accurate information on Air Canada's bereavement policy.

How Much Is The Bereavement Discount On Air Canada Flights?

Air Canada does not determine the discount value. However, you may secure up to 15% off your flight reservation. As these discounts are location and time-specific, you may need to contact the officials before initiating the booking process. Speak to the team and share all relevant information to secure Bereavement Fares on your Air Canada Flights. These discounts not only help you to save on airfare but also protect you from expensive last-minute fares. Do not hassle, contact the airline reservation team and book your flight at your pace. 

How To Secure A Bereavement Discount From Air Canada?

To secure a bereavement discount, you will need to communicate with the Air Canada booking department. You can reach them through the dedicated helpline number or Email ID. Let’s explore different ways that will help you to get a bereavement discount from Air Canada.

Step 1

  • Dial 1-888-247-2262 or 514-393-3333.
  • Follow IVR prompts and select the “Talk to Agent” option.
  • When an available agent assists you, request them for a bereavement fare. 
  • The assigned agent will ask you to share 
    • The name of a deceased person
    • Relationship between you and the deceased person
    • Name of the hospital or residence
    • Contact Information
    • Death Certificate
    • Date of Journey
    • Date of memorial service, and many others.
  • The agent will collect the information and review your booking request.
  • If your request is genuine, you will get the bereavement fare discount instantly.
  • Pay the associated fees and confirm your booking. 

Step 2

  • Once you return home, you will need to submit the following documents to the official email ID
    • Booking Reference Number
    • A copy of the death certificate
    • Funeral director's report
    • Coroner's statement
    • Death registration issued by a regional government
    • Medical Report
    • Relationship Certificate

You must mail the above information within 7 days of return. If you fail to submit the information, the airline may charge you a standard fare. 


With the Air Canada Bereavement service, you can consolidate logistical and financial burdens. The airline understands your emotions during the phase when you lose your loved ones. Speak to the team, and make sure to share all your supportive documents. The team will review your request and do the needful for your inner peace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact Air Canada About Bereavement?

You can connect with the Air Canada reservation team at 1-888-247-2262 or 514-393-3333 and ask them to offer bereavement discounts from upcoming bookings.

What Proof Do You Need For A Bereavement Flight?

You will need to share the death certificate and relation certificate within the specified period as evidence to secure bereavement fares.

How Does Bereavement Fare Work?

The team will apply the discount and get you bereavement fare without making you compromise on comfort and safety.

Are Funeral Flights Cheaper?

Air Canada does not operate separate funnel flights. However, you can save on booking fees if you are traveling due to the imminent death of family members.

What Are The Bereavement Rules In Canada?

You can not claim a discount or refund on an already-settled flight journey. Air Canada Bereavement Fares are only available on upcoming flight trips.

Does Air Canada Allow Cremated Remains?

Yes. Air Canada allows cremated remains as carry-on luggage. You must keep them in cardboard and safeguard them yourself.