How To Contact Air Canada Lost and Found?

Have you forgotten a personal item at the airport or with Air Canada? Now, looking for options to recover your belongings? Don’t worry, as the Air Canada Lost And Found service is at your disposal. Connect with the team and safeguard your bags and other possessions conveniently. 

If you left your bags on Air Canada flights or at their serviceable section, you will need to visit the designated counter and submit the Air Canada Baggage Lost And Found form. The team will look for your belongings and try to return items as soon as possible. 

What is the Air Canada Lost And Found Policy?

Before requesting the form, be mindful of the associated guidelines with the Air Canada Lost And Found policy. Let’s uncover some of them here: 

  • If you lose your belongings on your own or leave something at the airport, you must inform Air Canada. The airline will try to retrieve your lost items but is not liable for the loss. 
  • The airline permits you to carry up to three checked bags with you, ensuring full responsibility for your belongings throughout the journey. If your checked baggage is lost, the airline will diligently track it, and if unsuccessful, you are qualified for a refund. 
  • Once the request is received, the Air Canada Lost and Found service team will contact you and share regular updates on the process through mail. 
  • The team generally takes 20 to 30 business days to relocate your items; if they fail to recover them, they will contact you with alternative options.

Does Air Canada Have A Lost And Found Department?

The airline values passengers' emotions about their belongings. For them, the airline has a comprehensive policy that covers lost and damaged checked bags. You can get more information on the policy by contacting the team through their toll-free number. The Air Canada Customer Service Lost And Found service team is available at 1 888 689 2247. Connect with the team and register the case as soon as possible. For some routes, the airline requests passengers to lodge the loss or damage complaint within seven days of departure. 

Please Note

 If the airline fails to recover the bag or damages it during the retrieval process, you are eligible for compensation. You can claim your refund by connecting with the team within seven days of your initial request. 

How To Contact The Lost And Found Department At The Airport?

You must visit the nearest desk to report your concern to Air Canada's lost and found department. For this, you will need to execute the steps mentioned here:

  • Reach the desk and ask the agent to fill out the claim form.
  • You will need to mention baggage details along with other booking credentials.
  • The team will get back to you with more information on your baggage claim.
  • If you are fortunate, you will receive your bag within a few hours.
  • On the other hand, if they are unable to find your bags on the same day you request them, Air Canada will give you a reference number to track your baggage status. 

For passengers who realize that they lost their bag after leaving the destination airport, the airline operates a toll-free number. You can reach the baggage claim department through Air Canada Customer Service Lost And Found number 1 888 689 2247. Connect with the team and report the loss as soon as possible. 

What is the Air Canada Lost And Found Email?

You can email Air Canada’s lost and found department. It is one of the easiest processes to illustrate your concern. To email the concerned department, you will use Air Canada’s web form by executing the following steps:

  • Open Air Canada's official website.(
  • On the homepage, scroll down and tap on the Contact Us tab.
  • Select the “Send us an email” option.
  • Tap on the “Post travel” tab.
  • Next, you will need to tap on the “Lost and Found” option.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, you will get to fill out the lost item form option.
  • Select and follow the on-screen instructions to submit the claim.
  • While submitting the Air Canada Lost and Found form, make sure you mention each required detail.
  • Review the input and submit the form to receive the reference code.
  • Use it for future tracking and claim your baggage. 

Please Note, 

The airline will notify you about the update through text or mail. Keep the registered credentials with you, it helps you to get the resolution sooner.


The Air Canada Lost and Found policy states that if items are lost due to the airline's fault, they are liable to compensate you for the loss. If you lose an item due to your fault, contact the team immediately, as they will assist you in retrieving the item. However, if they are unable to do so, you are not eligible for a refund by any means. To learn more about the policy and alternative options, you will need to connect with the baggage claims team. 

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