Air Canada Business Class

Are you looking to fly with utmost luxury? Book your seats in the Air Canada Business Class cabin to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasurable flight journey. The airline provides cutting-edge technology onboard to elevate your overall experience. With numerous advanced amenities and services, you are never out of comfort even soaring above the cloud. Let’s continue to discover more about the business class cabins on Air Canada flights. 

Why Choose A Business Class Cabin With Air Canada? 

Air Canada’s primary business class product is the Signature class, which was introduced in 2018. The earlier fleet options were great, but the latest use of signature has improved passengers' experiences. With this advanced fleet, you can enjoy fabulous food, beverages, and comfortable seats. You will experience a luxurious ride with multiple complimentary services like- wi-fi, food, priority check-in, and many more. 

What Seating Arrangements And Fleet Types Are Available?

With the Boeing 787, 777 Dreamliner, and other business class fleets, the airline assists passengers in the Caribbean and North America to enjoy a more pleasurable flight journey. For added convenience, the airline serves a hot casserole, salad, vinaigrette, bread roll, and dessert on all long-haul business class flights.

You will enjoy an exclusive experience onboard Air Canada’s signature cabin, which features unlimited entertainment and lie-flat seats. Each seat in the business class cabin is meant to deliver an experience to remember forever. Here are the major cabin features of these signature seats:

  • Each Seat guarantees you a window or aisle access.
  • These seats are relatively larger to provide you with more recline.
  • You will find extra legroom in Air Canada business seats.
  • The seats come with adjustable head and footrests.

As the airline introduces multiple new cabins and makes numerous changes in services to elevate the business-class passenger experience, communicating with customer service before initiating the booking process is a must. 

How To Book Business Class Seat On Air Canada Flights?

For unparalleled comfort and priority services, book your business class tickets with Air Canada and gain exclusive access to their Maple Leaf Lounges. You do not need to make any hard efforts as the airline allows booking business cabins in two ways. Continue to find out more about the process that lets you discover luxury under your hood. 


  • Open the official website of Air Canada.
  • Tap on the Book tab.
  • Select Flights under the option.
  • Fill in the details like departure airport, destination airport, date of journey, and number of passengers.
  • Tap on the search tab.
  • Select a Business class column for your respective flight.
  • Check the price and timings that suit you.
  • Enter traveler details and review.
  • Book your business class tickets by paying the fare.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from Air Canada with the details of your business class tickets.


  • Call on 1-888-335-4189.
  • Listen to IVR to select the business booking service. 
  • Press the right key to get a proper connection with a live agent.
  • Ask the agent to book your seats in the business class cabin. 
  • The agent will review your request and explain all associated terms.
  • Confirm your response and ask him/her to complete the booking process.
  • Pay the charges and secure your booking effortlessly. 

Please Note

If you are looking for comfortable seats where you can lie down to enjoy the air travel journey, Air Canada's Signature Cabin is the best option. With fully flat seats, the airline tries to deliver unparalleled convenience to travelers. For long-haul flights, always choose this cabin to arrive well-rested.

What Priority Services Are Offered With Business Class Seats?

You get ample priority services when flying in Business Class with Air Canada. The airline has special seats and preferred flying options for every request. 

Priority Check-in

Air Canada has dedicated check-in counters to accelerate the check-in process for its Business class customers. A team of agents is specially trained to provide a personalized check-in experience at selected airports. There are exclusive access lanes at security screening locations at airports chosen to let you pass through all that without delays.

Board First

Air Canada offers Zone 1 boarding with a business class booking at most of its departure gates. With this service, you can board the flight with utmost comfort. The available agent will check your boarding pass and allow you to board the flight ahead of others. 

Baggage Handling Priority

By booking your seats in the Air Canada Business Class cabins, you can enjoy baggage priority, as the airline marks your bags with priority tags. Business class customers can find their bags first after arriving at their destination, which eventually eliminates long waiting durations. 

Do Business Class Passengers Get Food & Beverage Options Onboard?

Yes. For flights over two hours, Air Canada’s Business Class service includes an all-inclusive meal tray featuring

  • A hot casserole
  • Fresh salad with vinaigrette
  • Bread roll
  • Dessert

Additionally, the bar service includes:

  • Bottled water and Perrier
  • Lavazza coffee and black tea
  • A selection of soft drinks, beer, and individual-sized bottles of red, white, and Bottega sparkling wine

Besides, Air Canada also provides special meals and services upon request.

Other Benefits Of Business Class Seats With Air Canada

  • You get exclusive entry to Maple Leaf Lounges, which offer a relaxing space with complimentary food, beverages, Wi-Fi, and business facilities.
  • The airline promises premium entertainment by allowing you to stream movies, TV shows, music, and games on high-resolution screens.
  • Concierge services are available on select routes for Air Canada's business class passengers, providing personalized assistance throughout the journey.
  • You will also get comfort kits containing items such as an eye mask, antibacterial wipes, sanitizer, gloves, headset, and water bottle on selected flights with business class tickets.


Air Canada offers numerous services and amenities to Business Class passengers, trying to improve satisfaction levels. Now, you can enjoy signature comfort and exclusive services from the airline by booking this ultra-premium cabin for your next holiday. Call the Air Canada customer service number to check other details before confirming your tickets, which will eventually enable you to enjoy unparalleled comfort throughout your travel.

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